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This is important: Please, ensure to read this agreement carefully. If you do not agree with any of the issues of the current Agreement, you are not eligible to use any services provided by the current resource https://buyboost.com. The User Agreement and these Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of United Kingdom.

In accordance with this User Agreement (hereinafter - Agreement) Internet Service Administration buyboost.com offers any person (hereinafter - User) to use services granted by the Internet Service buyboost.com. According to this Agreement, the Administration offers to User services of the Internet Service using opportunities and functionalities on terms and conditions specified in this Agreement, and other documents that regulate such relations between the Administration and User. This agreement shall be recognized as an offer. The Internet Service using means that the User accepts and undertakes to follow all stated below conditions of the Agreement. This agreement regulates the order of the Internet Service information granting and other services, with the aid of the site technical possibilities through the secured pages.  


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1.1. This Agreement regulates relations that arise between the Administration and Users during using the Internet Service functional opportunities by Users.

1.2. This Agreement is formulated by the Internet Service Administration and is included basic norms and rules which are fundament of the Internet Service functionality.  

1.3. This Agreement is the Internet platform under within the Internet Service Administration grants Users paid and unpaid services, strictly in accordance with the Agreement as well as according to other documents that regulate the Internet Service functionality and relations between Users and the Administration. 

1.4. The current edition of this Agreement is placed by address buyboost.com/terms-and-conditions.

1.5. The Administration shall have the right to amend the text of this Agreement, informing Users about it by the way of publishing a new Agreement edition on the Internet by this address buyboost.com/user-agreement. The User is obliged to follow up on changes, amending in this Agreement. If user is not agree with new edition of this Agreement he is obliged to terminate the Service using without delay. If the User continues to use the Service after entering into force new Agreement edition in this case he confirms his full agreement with the new Agreement edition.  

1.6. Using the Internet Service means full and unqualified acceptance of this Agreement by the User according to current legislation norms. 

1.7. The Internet Service Administration reserves the right to post information about partners on the Internet Service pages and to recommend (to advertise) their services, goods, etc. 

1.8. The subject of the contract are services that are provided by the Administration of the website buyboost.com, a full list of services is available on the above-mentioned Internet Service.


2.1. For full-fledged using of the Internet Service functional opportunities, the User shall accept this Agreement. 

2.2. This Agreement Acceptance means full User acceptance and agreement with this Agreement conditions as well as with other documents that regulate the Internet Service functionality and posted on its pages. 

2.3. From the legal viewpoint, the legal User actions that aimed to use of the Internet Service functional opportunities are this Agreement acceptance.  

2.4. The User shall not be allowed to use the Internet Service functional opportunities without full and unqualified agreement with this Agreement conditions. 

2.5. All electronic documents, notices, and expressions of will, formalized or executed remotely through the Internet Service within the framework of this Agreement, are recognized as performed in the simple written form properly. 

2.6. Acceptance duration of this Agreement shall not be limited or determined personally. 


3.1. The authorization procedure on the Internet Service is executed by the traditional way (accepted on the Internet generally), through completing the registration form (profile). 

3.2. During the authorization on the Internet Service, the User completes the form (profile), where the User personal data are entered. 

3.3 After the authorization on the Internet Service, all the Internet Service functionality shall be granted for the User.   


4.1 The Administration works on behalf of the Internet Service and the Internet Service owner within the framework of this Agreement and other documents that regulate the Internet Service performance. 

4.2 The Administration executes control of the Internet Service functioning, of its workability, and for User's actions during their using the Internet Service functional opportunities. 

4.3 The Administration reserves the right of limited access on the Internet Service for Users who violate this Agreement conditions and requirements, and other documents that regulate the order of the Internet Service using.    

4.4 The Administration shall have the right: 

4.4.1. to modify the Internet Service design, its Content, services list, to modify or to complete software and other objects, any server app that is used and stored on the Internet Service, anytime with the preliminary notice or without it;

4.4.2. to send by email or by other accessible way messages to Users that concerns the Internet Service using, if it shall be necessary;

4.4.3. to modify account granting conditions or to terminate its validity (temporary or completely) with the with preliminary notice or without it;

4.4.4. to grant paid or unpaid services to the User, their provision order is described in this Agreement, and in other documents that regulate relations between the Administration and Uses;

4.4.5. to request anytime and in any form, the User agreement for personal data processing on the Internet Service and for it that posted on the Internet Service personal data can be considered as public; 

4.4.6. to import and to save personal data for which was granted access by the User;  

4.4.7. to impose extra restrictions on the Internet Service using, and to modify such restrictions anytime;  

4.4.8. to execute other actions with the purpose of quality and comfort improvement of the Internet Service using by Users. 


5.1. Customer undertakes:

5.1.1 To ensure the payment in full for services rendered to him according to the tariff.

5.1.2 Do not create situations hamper the execution of the order in full.

5.1.3 To solve disputes in accordance with this contract.

5.1.4 Give to Administration (operators) of the site buyboost.com all requested information – the customer’s full name, the full name of the owner of the credit card which was used for the payment, the name of the game character, the server, the state of the in-game character up to the order (e.g. the current rating of the battlefield or the arena rating, depending on the type of ordered service), the name of desired order, a copy of payment transaction for the service.

5.1..5 The Customer understands and agrees with the fact that there is a small chance to get in-game account suspended due to reports of third parties or other reasons that are uncontrolled by the Contractor; If it occurred, all the compensation will be done in accordance with this contract;

5.1.6 The Customer agrees that all screenshots which were made during the performance of the service may be used as evidence in case disputes occur in the future.


6.1. All objects which are accessible through the Internet Service buyboost.com including design elements, text, graphic images, images, video, computers software, databases, and other objects, and further any content that posted on the Internet Service pages, are objects of exclusive rights of the Administration, Users, and other rights holders. 

6.2. Content using, and further other Internet Service content is possible only within the framework of the Internet Service functionality. Any Internet Service content as well as other content posted on the Internet Service pages shall not be used otherwise without preliminary rights holder permission. Further content using is a reproduction, copying, distribution in different ways, displaying in the frame, etc. The exception is cases that provided by legislation or the Internet Service using conditions functionality.       

6.3. The Internet Service content using, and further, any content for personal non-commercial use is acceptable in case if all copyright elements keeping, related rights, brand symbols, other author notices, author/rights holder name keeping (or nickname) shall be unchanged, the object shall be kept unchanged. The exception is cases that provided by legislation or the Internet Service using conditions functionality.      

6.4. The User agrees that the Administration is not responsible for the actions of the User in the process of providing the services. The User orders services from the Administration at their own risk. The User agrees that the subject of rendering services may not correspond to the conditions and policies of software products, in respect of which the Administration renders services. The User assumes full responsibility for the result of the Administration's actions, which renders services on behalf (order) of the User.

6.5. Any intellectual property objects placed on the pages of the Site are not used by the Administration for commercial activities. The site is an amateur platform, which was created to convey information to users and attract users to software products, information about which is published on the pages of the site. The Administration reserves the right to provide paid services, in the order of commercial activity, but the Administration does not use any intellectual property objects that belong to third parties. 

6.6. Any intellectual property objects belonging to third parties are taken from open sources and published on the pages of the Site solely to satisfy the Administration of personal household needs related to the interest in the software products and to highlight the peculiarities of the functioning of such software products.


7.1. This User Agreement shall enter into force upon its acceptance by the user and shall be in force during all the Internet Service using period. 

7.2. To terminate this User Agreement pre-term the user shall send appropriate notice to the Administration.  

7.3. This User Agreement offer shall be relevant from it publication moment on the Internet Service pages and shall be in force an indefinite period. 


8.1. The Administration shall guarantee the User personal data collecting and storage strictly in accordance with current legislation requirements.   

8.2. The User data processing order is regulated by the Provision of personal data confidentiality – buyboost.com/privacy-policy.


9.1. The Administration shall not be liable for partial or full non-execution of bindings of this Agreement if such non-execution has been as a result of force majeure that occurred after the start of services granting with aid of the Service, in the issue of circumstances acting of irresistible power that parties couldn’t foresee or prevent.

9.2. To force majeure parties to relate the next events, making execution of agreement bindings by applicable party impossible: earthquakes, floods, other natural disasters, fires, nuclear and other industrial accidents as well as strikes, hostilities, civil disorders, or authority acts that preclude the execution of Agreement conditions. All other obstacles regardless of their nature or characteristics shall not be force majeure, exception obstacles that shall be recognized by parties as caused by force majeure circumstances. 


10.1. This Agreement is regulated and interpreted according to state current legislation of the Internet Service owner. 

10.2. All disputes that appeared within the framework of this Agreement execution and other Internet Service documents shall be resolved through negotiations. 

10.3. If it shall be impossible to solve the dispute through negotiations dispute shall be referred to judges of any jurisdiction.


11.1. User's email address provided during purchase can be used to inform you on your order. It can also be used for for any other instances where we are legally required to contact you. Also we can use it for send to you newsletter. If you don't want to recieve our newsletter, you can unsubscribe, just tell us about it in LiveChat or in Discord or in Skype.


12.1. An agreement is concluded between the User and the Administration concerning the Internet Service using order, Agreement shall be binding and shall enter into force since user acceptance moment. 

12.2. The agreement is regulated by state current legislation of the Internet Service owner.

12.3. The email address of the Administration for Users applications: [email protected] or [email protected]


Publication date: 14.09.2019

Published by the Administration buyboost.com

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