Fated CN, SoD, SotFO Raid Boost

Buy WoW Fated Raids boost - complete new Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and Sepulcher of the First Ones Fated raids and get special rewards.


We are pleased to make an interesting offer to players who have been waiting for Fated Raid boost for a long time. As a result, the most difficult levels have been improved. No one can refuse  the "Fatal Game". Buy fated raid boost means to find the appropriate place and become the owner of Slime Cat Mount after safely overcoming three  levels.

On this page any player can place an order for boosting. Choose Selfplay without entering your account or surf on account sharing terms. Originally, ammunition trading was only available in the traditional Fated game due to some restrictions. To buy a VIP raid with traders, you need to go to the regular service and select the desired number of them. To order a play for a certain period of time you have to go to our program.

Additional information

You must defeat at least two bosses every week to win the Great Vault trophy. Then you'll be in the lead in the latest update with all the equipment you need. There are many races available to players on this page with no specific limit. Once you are able to buy a fated raid service, the very first battle will be available to you. Be sure to check out the program, which our boosters regularly add new bookings. Sometimes you don't need a game calendar, so buying a service from this section creates demand and allows boosters to create groups for you instantly!

What are Fated games?

The fourth season, released in August 2022, has increased rewards for raiding levels as well as PvP and dungeon stays. Particularly beneficial to the game are the so-called Fated Raids. This qualitatively new game mode was implemented in the fourth season. It has significantly improved ammunition compared to previous versions of raids. Boss battles have also been changed. The player who completes all three raids will be rewarded with a Slime Cat Mount. The ilvl prizes for completing Fated raids are as follows:

  • raid finder;
  • normal;
  • heroic;
  • mythical.

How can Fated Raid Carry be useful?

At any rate, it's the best way to boost Fated Raid. It can be difficult for players to move to a new raid or any other level. Increasing your position in the game requires more free time and effort. Your hero must have advanced abilities. In addition, you'll have to find a guild or take the time to assign one. However, thanks to our Fated raid carry services the player now does not need to waste his own time and resources. We'll give you all the resources you need. In addition, you will be invited to an experienced team that will quickly guide anyone through Fated Raid. We will make your most cherished dreams come true and fulfill all aspirations in Shadowlands.

Why is it better boosts from us?

Our company has been in the boosting business for over 5 years. We know how difficult and boring it is to use LFG and how unpredictable the contents of raids with its heroes and game characters can be.

The goal of our boosters is to offer gamers a professional, cohesive and friendly team that will make your gaming experience interesting and unforgettable. You will be able to get the results you want and achieve everything you want.

Our boosting has the following advantages:

  • strict adherence to deadlines for the application;      
  • favorable cost with excellent quality of work;         
  • convenient user-friendly chat to maintain free communication between gamer and booster team;
  • continuous 24/7 work mode.

We protect and respect your consumer rights and act in accordance with the Terms of Use. We offer not only the services themselves, but also a great gaming experience. Our team respects all consumers of our services. That is why we are trusted by a growing number of enthusiastic gamers. Today we have more than 20 thousand positive feedbacks and the highest reputation in customer reviews.

Is our service safe?

The self-playing game we offer does not require joint ownership of an account, and therefore is absolutely safe. If a participant does not have time to raid, he can use the pilot version of Fated raid boost. Then our booster will take control of the player's own hero and play the necessary raid in the team. Keep in mind that pilot services are not as safe as self play. Selfplay will allow you to enjoy the raid, feeling the excitement of all kinds of boss fights.

For Piloted, we will provide the most effective protection for your account. For security issues, players can contact our company consultants, who are always ready to offer the most favorable option.

What happens after purchasing the service?

After you have applied for Fated raid carry you will need to log in to our Discord server. You can send messages to the service account or just add to our friends. Experienced boosters will contact you as soon as they find the best team for you. You will then be invited to the raid group via LFG. Experienced players and companies will guide you through the Fated raid and you are sure to get the results you want.

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