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Mythic+ includes eight dungeons to run with your 5 playmates. Following the warm welcome of the Challenes mode by players, Blizzard introduced a system of harder dungeons with a longer timer so that players can test themselves and show a good knowledge of tactics, as well as receive useful rewards.

The reward for completing the dungeon opened by the WoW Mythic Keystone will be high-level epic equipment, inferior in strenth only to the raid. These dungeons have a difficulty level. The third level dungeon will be more difficult than the second, but easier than the fifth. The higher level of the dungeon, the harder the enemies hit and the more health they have. A reward depends on the difficulty level of the dungeon. The higher the level, the better the loot. Starting from certain levels, a modifier will appear in the dungeons, which will add complexity by changing the behavior of creatures or adding special combat mechanics. Every week, players will receive a guaranteed loot, the level will depend on the maximum level of successfully completed Mythic + dungeons the previous week.


The Mythic keystone itself, which unlocks access to the Mythic mode, is obtained in several ways. The first is to get the key at the end of the Mythic dungeon, the second is when you receive the weekly reward from the chest of the faction, the third is to enlist the help of another player who has it. This key, as before, has a link to a specific dungeon (determined randomly) and modifiers (change with each weekly update of the game worlds, with the exception of the seasonal modifier). Keys themselves gain a level during the passage of the dungeon for the specified time and are weakened during the passage, for a time that exceeds the allowable or renewal of the not completed dungeon. Therefore, the ordering of Mythic+ Runs may be a good decision.

The conditions for passing the dungeon remained the same. You need to kill a certain number of ordinary enemies in the dungeon. You also must kill all the bosses of the dungeon. Each dungeon has its own time to complete. When completing a dungeon in the allotted time, the player whose key was used at the start will be upgraded by 1 level, and if the group copes with the conditions of passage and has more than 20% of the specified time left, the key will improve by 2 levels, and if more than 40%, then by 3 levels. But the number of awards will remain the same, i.e. there will be an improvement only for the key, but not for the chest at the end of the passage. Each death of a player in a dungeon takes 5 seconds from the timer.

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Your character can get the following achievements for completing Mythic +:

  • Beginner key-maker for difficulty 2 and above.
  • Keystone master challener for difficulty above 5.
  • Keymaster Conqueror for difficulty over 10.
  • Lord of the keys for difficulty 15.

The cost of the services includes the passage of one of the dungeons listed below in mythic plus difficulty: Necrotic Wake, Spires of Ascension, The Other Side, Plaguefall, Sanguine Depths, Mists of Tirna Scithe, Halls of Atonement, Theater of Pain. To purchase multiple instances, contact our operators.

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