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You can order a fast RBG upgrade up to 2200 points from us - iron guarantees, polite and professional consultants, confidentially, and available on the Buyboost website.

Perhaps there is not a single player who has not been on the battlefield in wow. This massive pvp game is captivating with its epic nature, where you can fight against other players in 10x10, 15x15, and even 40x40.

But, the real game is on the rate battlegrounds - there are really brutal battles that drag out with their epoch-making. Every RBG player is a professional in his class, and in order to win, you need to have a very high level of play.

Our site offers you buy RBG rating on pain-fighting in the shortest possible time, at great prices. Our highly-rated professional teams will quickly raise your rankings. Our service guarantees reliable and safe pumping of PVP without bots and overflow. We have been successfully working With MMORPG.


Our professional raids with vast experience of playing at 2500-3000 rating (“Hero” level) are enaged in WoW RBG rating EU/US boost on the battlegrounds. All players are fluent in their classes and know exactly what to do to win the RBG.

You can independently play along with our raids (without transferring your account), we guarantee that you will learn a lot while leveling up and significantly increase your RBG playing skill!

By purchasing the RBG rating pumping, you will receive a high-quality service in the shortest possible time. Our professional teams, which have more than one hundred victories on their account, will easily raise your personal rating to 2200 and you can find yourself a good team and play on your own, defeating enemies in pvp mode.

Please note that the performance of the rating pumping service without transferring the account requires minimal actions from you during the game: do not stand AFC and try to follow the advice of the raid leader. If you buy RBG rating boost with account transfer, we will provide a stream (broadcast) so that you can follow the progress.

If you decide to order victories on the RBG in our store, remember that you do not need to dress your character in PVP equipment first. The level of equipment is not important, it only matters when ordering PVP ratings. If you need victories on the RBG, our professional Buyboost PVP team will do it for you as soon as possible. It has never been so easy to get RBG points and open access to high-level elite PvP equipment as with the Buyboost service!

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