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WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic Started Guide

There's not much time left before the Wrath of the Lich King Classic patch comes into effect, so it's time to get ready for the conquest of the continent of Northrend. It's impossible to leave this event without attention because WotLK is one of the most beloved patches. New players will plunge into the unique atmosphere of one of the classic Warcraft events. Old users will get a strong sense of nostalgia and will be able to conquer all the content again.

Especially to facilitate or speed up the process of getting acquainted with the new content, the BuyBoost team has prepared a small guide. It will help newcomers to get accustomed and find the right solutions for themselves, and for veteran players to refresh their knowledge. Let's start with a description of the problems that gamers may encounter when starting Wrath of the Lich King.


To be honest, a huge number of users have already played World of Warcraft WotLK on pirate free servers and hardly felt any difficulties. And here's why:

  • There are few heroes in the starting locations;
  • No factions are attacking each other;
  • Territories are relatively consolidated;
  • Completing quests is easy;
  • Various simplifications from pirate projects.

Unfortunately, it's not like that on the official servers. Even without considering the fact that thousands of heroes will already be perfectly equipped and just do not leave a chance for newcomers, there are many difficulties. Here are just a few:

  • The sheer number of characters in any given location;
  • Clashes between representatives of the Horde and the Alliance;
  • A redesigned dungeon search system; Lack of resources (relevant to beginners);
  • Guilds looking to gain an advantage by any means.

All these factors make starting in WoW WotLK not the easiest, but we will tell a couple of tricks that will make the game easier. First, let's figure out which classes are easiest to start.


The power vector among the playing class has shifted slightly compared to TBC. Some have become weaker, while others have gained strength. The BuyBoost team compiled a table, dividing the classes into ranges.

Tiers Alts
Tier S Paladin/ Druid/ Death knight
Tier A Warrior/ Hunter/ Warlock
Tier B Priest/ Mage
Tier C Rogue

This table shows how comfortable the character is doing exactly the solo start in the new addition. BuyBoost experts will now explain their choices.

  • Tier S was given to the Paladin/Druid/Death Knight classes for the simple reason that they all feel great in combat with multiple enemies and have the ability to heal themselves.
  • Tier A went to Warrior/ Hunter/ Warlock because they can handle the pressure of enemies and are comfortable to play, but the first two can't heal themselves, and the last one has to constantly balance between health and mana. These classes require additional consumables to comfortably level up.
  • Tier B went to Priest / Mage only because these classes are very difficult to defeat enemies on their own because they have a giant expenditure of mana - the most important resource. No matter how strong they are, regenerating resources slows down in the start.
  • Tier C takes the only Rogue class, as it is fragile in battles with enemies in the early stages, takes a lot of damage and is unable to heal.

If we discuss the game in the group, this is a little different. In general, in this case, absolutely all classes will do. But we should consider the fact that a tank or a healer will find a party much faster, which will help speed up gaining levels.


In fact, it's hard to choose the best path, but our experienced team tried to do it. In our choice, we considered the distance between the selected locations, the difficulty of the quests and killing enemies, rewards, and more.


  • The first location is different for each race, just run any errands and try to get to Stormwind City at level 9-10.
  • Then we advise heading to the Westfall region and swing there up to level 17.
  • Next stage will be Redridge Mountains and its quests, completing which heroes will get about level 24-25.
  • Then you can go to Duskwood and there to get 29-30 levels, and then immediately change the location. The options here are 2. Stranglethorn Vale – the first of them, but it should be understood that there will have to fight almost every mob and item.
  • Arathi Highlands – the second option, more quiet and peaceful, but it's much harder to get there. In any case, we get 40-42 levels.
  • Next, our way goes to Tanaris, where with great probability will be many people because the location is quite popular. There you need to get about level 48.
  • If you want to avoid being in the middle of the battle for mobs, visit Feralas location and get the same level 48 there.
  • The easiest choice next - Un'Goro Crater and Silithus, where you can safely get 58-60 levels. Slightly more difficult and less populated option - Felwood and Winterspring. And the most unpopular, but ideal option for the mining profession – these locations called Searing Gorge and Blasted Land.


  • As in the first case, you should get the first 9-10 levels at the starting location, and then go to Orgrimmar.
  • The second actual location is The Barrens and Stonetalon Mountains, where you can get up to 25 levels in total.
  • The next place to gain experience will be the location A Thousand Needles, which is effortless to get into and take there about 38.
  • Advice from BuyBoost – after reaching 32-32, spend 10 minutes and get to the place Desolace, where tasks are much more.
  • After bravely go to Tanaris and get there 48-49.
  • Then the chain of places to quickly up the hero is similar to the Alliance – just scroll up the page a bit.

After reaching 60:

  • Here is the path of both factions starts from Hellfire Peninsula to about 63-64.
  • Then it is better to head to Nagrand or Terrokar Forest, the former has less competition. There quietly mined 66-67 level hero.
  • The last stage will be Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Walley, in which the character will reach level 70.

All these stages are very helpful in WotLK Fast Start for both beginners and experienced users.

After reaching 70:

  • Adventures will begin in the Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord location, from which you can stay in the game until 73.
  • Then you should visit Dragonblight or Grizzly Hills and get their 75-76 level hero.
  • The next point is called Shalozar Basin, and they're easily swing to 77-78.
  • The last point will be Storn Peaks or Icecrown, which reaches the coveted level 80.

The above development option can be adjusted as desired by the gamer, but it is optimal for WotLK Fast Start. We are certain that by choosing this option, the user will get the coveted numbers earlier than others.


When deciding a future profession in World of Warcraft, you should determine what you want. In fact, there are only a few ways:

  • Mining resources and selling them to earn gold;
  • Creating your own items of equipment for a more comfortable game.

The first option looks interesting for beginners because this way you can effortlessly earn gold for your needs. This can be armor and weapons, consumables, vehicles and so on. BuyBoost recommends the following bundles:

  • Mining and Herbalism;
  • Herbalism and Skinning.

Our experts believe that mining + Skinning is a very time-consuming option because you have to literally live in the game. It is the least suitable for WotLK Fast Start. You may not agree with us and decide this path because it too can lead to riches.

The second option is more suitable for experienced players with a certain amount of gold in their pocket. The beauty of it is that the hero can create items of equipment up to 200 ilvl without much trouble. The bindings are as follows:

  • Mining + Blacksmithing/ Engineering/ Jewelcrafting;
  • Skinning + Leatherworking;
  • Herbalism + Alchemy/ Inscription;
  • Tailoring + Enchanting.

All of these options are great for WotLK Fast Start and will help you get strong items and improvements quickly. There is an option to choose 2 crafting professions at once, but this is only for wealthy characters.

There are secondary professions that do not help earn a lot of gold or get items, but they will be extremely useful in the future. They are called:

  • Fishing;
  • Cooking;
  • First Aid.

All of them are leveled regardless of the main and do not require any special costs, except game time.

A little advice: it is much more convenient to strengthen your skills, having a flying vehicle. It saves a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, the price of such a pleasure is quite high, and it is sometimes difficult to save up on your own.


The choice of starting reputations is just as important, as factions are willing to generously reward a character for effort. A total of 13 factions have been added to WotLK, but not all are available from the start. Representatives of each will offer epic rewards for different classes. More information in the table below.

Faction name
Useful rewards for
Frenzyheart Tribe
All classes
Argent Crusade
All spell classes, rogue, druid, hunter, enhance shaman, holy paladin
Kirin Tor
All spell classes, tanks, hunter, enhance shaman
Knights Of The Ebon Blade
All spell classes, warrior, death knight, paladin, rogue, druid
All classes
Wyrmrest Accord
All spell classes, rogue, druid, warrior, paladin, death knight

In addition to rewards in the form of items, the four factions of Wrath of the Lich King will offer unique improvements to equipment.

  • Sons of Hodir – 4 types of Greater Inscription for all classes;
  • Argent Crusade - Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector for tanks;
  • Kirin Tor - Arcanum of Burning Mysteries for magic classes;
  • Knights Of The Ebon Blade - Arcanum of Torment for all melee DPS classes.

You can gain reputation with each of them by completing hundreds of quests and gaining a unique tabard that allows you to collect crumbs of points from each killed enemy in the dungeon. This is a very long and time-consuming process.

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