Dragonflight: Legacies - Chapter 1

Dragonflight Animated Featurette "Legacies: Chapter One"

The premiere of the first of three animated shorts that Blizzard has planned to release ahead of the Dragonflight expansion - Legacies: Chapter One.

In the first installment of Blizzard’s new animated short series, we watch Nozdormu the Eternal explain the never-before-seen history of the Dragonflight. We travel back in time, during the age of the Proto-Dragon; an era that proceeds the existence of the intelligent Dragonkin that we see today. Here we witness the epic battle between the Five Aspects and Galakrond, for the sake of their race and Azeroth itself. Watch as Nozdormu teams up with legendary dragons Alexstrasza, Ysera, Malygos & Neltharion to battle the mighty Leviathan.

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