Final Shadowlands Season 4 Fated Raid Mythic DPS Log Ranking: Sepulcher

The final week of Shadowlands proper is upon us, as the Dragonflight pre-patch arrives tomorrow/Wednesday, so we're taking one last look at how the expansion ends! We won't be diving too deep into previous week comparisons this time around, as we just want to have a baseline ready for the craziness that will arrive when the new DF systems clash with Shadowlands' next week.


We have quite the ending for Shadowlands on our hands here, as the two dominant specs in the latter part of the expansion ended up on top in the end as well, while the third Warlock is down in the dumps. Demonology has owned this final Fated patch, with Destro having its way with the Sepulcher before it, while Windwalkers owned the Sanctum and Balance made its throne in Nathria before that.

The DKs carved out their positions together at the end here, with Fury having clawed its way back up into the top 5 as well. The last patch wasn't too kind on Rogues, however, with two in the bottom three and Outlaw in the lower half of the rankings as well. We won't even talk about Feral as it's too sad.


The Warlocks get broken us by Frost DK in the generalist bracket, and Unholy isn't doing quite as well, but the rest is mostly the same, with Survival ending up 2 spots higher than in the high percentiles. Retribution manages to close it all out in the top 10, and Beast Mastery also makes a last minute comeback both here and in the top percentiles. Again, let's not dwell of Feral and where it's at.


Fire and Outlaw are the big winners in Heroic compared to Mythic, with Survival also doing significantly better, but none can take down Demonology, or even get anywhere close to it. We also see Arms come out on top over Fury, which is doing much worse in Heroic, not even making the top half of the rankings. Feral is doing better here, but it's better not to look still.

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