Top 5 most popular WoW classes

Top 5 most popular WoW classes on EU servers

Aside from choosing your gender, ethnicity, and faction, one of the first things you'll notice when making a new character is that they are known as “Classes”. There are 12 classes available in WoW: Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. What defines a Class is its unique abilities, skills, and spells. The class you choose will also depend on your choice to either be a healer or a tamk (protector of allies).

In this post you can know about top classes played on EU servers. We will be learning why they are and what special abilities each possesses. You can also buy WoW Boost on EU Servers.


The first on my list is the DRUID CLASS. It has a total population of 11.84% on EU servers.

Druids use the great forces of nature to maintain equilibrium and defend life. With practice, druids may unleash nature's natural energy on their adversaries, dousing them in heavenly wrath from afar, tying them up with magical vines, or entangling them in relentless cyclones.

Druids are adaptable fighters who can perform almost all roles, including healing, tanking, and damage dealing. Druids must pick the appropriate form for the circumstance, since each form serves a specific function.


  • Tank - Druids make excellent front-line guardians of the party's weaker members, since they have thick skin and an intimidating demeanor when they shapeshift into their bear form.
  • Healing - Druids can quickly cure their wounded comrades by enlisting the aid of nature's forces.
  • Ranged and Melee Damage - Druids can assume the appearance of a wild Moonkin to launch projectiles at foes from a distance, or a vicious cat to attack opponents up close with claws and teeth.
  • Shapeshifting - Druids may take on several roles and concentrate on either tanking, healing or damaging, thanks to their ability to change forms. They can also shapeshift for speedier land, sea, and air travel. Druids can shapeshift into the following forms; Worgen, Kul Tiran, Tauren, Night Elf, Troll, Znadalari Troll, and Highmountain Tauren.


The Paladin ranks second with a population of 10.38% on EU servers.

The Paladin's mission is to defend the helpless, uphold the rights of the oppressed, and defeat evil wherever it lurks. The blessing of the Light enables these holy warriors to cure wounds and, in some circumstances, even bring back the life of the dead. They are clad in plate armor to face the hardest of enemies.

To survive oncoming strikes, paladins stand firmly in front of their adversaries and rely on powerful armor and healing. Paladins may protect their lesser comrades from claws and swords with powerful shields and crushing two-handed weapons, or they can utilize healing spells to keep them standing.


  • Tank - Trained to wear the heaviest armor and shields, stalwart paladins may use their expertise to draw an enemy's attention to them while shielding the group's weaker members.
  • Healing - The potent healing skills of healing paladins can ensure that they and their allies stay in fighting form.
  • Melee Injury - With holy strength to charge their weapons, paladins can strike more powerfully.
  • Blessings and Auras - As champions of order, paladins are very effective in a group, since their blessings and auras may increase their own and their party's damage and durability.


Total population of 10.11% on EU servers

Known adventurers, often drawn by the pull of the wild from an early age, leaving the comfort of their homes and into the harsh primeval world beyond. Those who persevere turn into hunters. They are masters of their surroundings, able to sneak through the forests like ghosts and set traps in their adversaries' pathways.

Hunters use their dogs to attack their enemies as they nock their arrows, discharge their firearms, or prepare their polearms as they engage their enemies at a distance or up close. Hunters are also quite mobile, even though their weapons are effective at close and far reaches. They can avoid or restrict their adversaries.


  • Melee Injury - Hunters are rugged trackers with the ability to harm foes directly with poison, explosives, and traps.
  • Ranged Injury - Hunters are dangerous with ranged weapons, whether they use crossbows, firearms, or bows. They can inflict continuously severe damage.
  • Pets - Hunters tame the wild animals, and those animals serve them by attacking their adversaries and protecting them from damage.
  • Solo performance - Hunters are efficient at doing tasks and leveling rapidly, even alone, because of their dogs and damage output.


A population of 8.89% on EU servers

Students with a sharp mind and unyielding discipline may choose to follow the wizard's path. Only the most committed practitioners are allowed to access the mighty and terrible arcane magic that is available to wizards. Magi only wear cloth armor to prevent distractions from their spellcasting, but impenetrable shields and enchantments provide them with additional protection. Magi may conjure fire bursts that can burn down far-off targets, set huge territories ablaze, and burn up swarms of adversaries to keep them away.

Mage attacks destroy enemies using magical incantations. Mages are delicate and weakly armored, leaving them particularly susceptible to close-range attacks even if they can cast strong offensive spells. They excel at keeping their adversaries at a distance.


  • Ranged Damage - Mages may use mana to do massive quantities of damage quickly and efficiently, but they must be careful not to wear themselves out.
  • Area-of-Effect Magic - Mages may successfully attack several enemies at once by summoning sheets of ice, columns of flame, and waves of magical force.
  • Control - A magician can use various techniques to manage the battlefield, such as freezing adversaries in place or turning them into defenseless animals.
  • Teleportation - Mages can summon replenishing food and drink and transfer themselves and their companions across cities.


With a population of 8.86% on EU servers

Shamans are spiritual teachers and practitioners who work with the elements rather than the divinity. Unlike some other mystics, shamans communicate with energies that are not always friendly. When left to their own devices, the chaotic elements engage in endless primal hatred against one another. The shaman is called upon to bring order to this turmoil. As mediators between earth, fire, water, and air, shamans call forth totems that concentrate the elements to aid their friends or punish those who pose a threat.

Shamans use totems to control and cause harm to their enemy while maximizing their effectiveness during battle. Shamans are adaptable enough to engage opponents up close or at a distance, but sage shaman picks their strategy according to the strengths and weaknesses of their enemy.


  • Healing - The shaman may cure wounded comrades by summoning their spiritual strength.
  • Melee Injury - Shamans add elemental powers to their weapons, giving their blows the strength of fire, wind, or ice.
  • Ranged Injury - With lightning, earthquakes, and lava blasts, the shaman's elemental energy may harm adversaries at a distance.
  • Totems - A shaman may use a variety of various totems, each with its unique abilities, ranging from increased damage and improved restoration to better crowd management and more.

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