Dragonflight Gold Farming Guide

WoW Dragonflight Gold Farming Guide

Let us be straight forward; being rich never hurts. Whether in real life or video games, it can be pretty convenient to buy whatever you want, whenever you need it. Considering the overwhelming amount of changes World of Warcraft Dragonflight is going to present, the old ways of gold making will not work the way they did. Do not worry, though, this guide will help you with that.

Having tons of in-game currency in World of Warcraft Dragonflight can help you stay ahead of your competitors by boosting your character strength in various ways like:

  • Getting pre-raid gear;
  • Leveling up your character and crafting skills easier;
  • Traveling the map faster by buying a better mount;
  • Having enough gold to spare on repairs and consumables.

Sounds great, right? What could go wrong with doing all that and having a lot of gold in your account? Actually, nothing; it is not like you can get robbed. The only downside is the time it will take you to gather all the gold you may need!

Yes, farming gold is the biggest downside of getting rich in WoW. You may find it weird, but the ways of getting the currency are not so convenient and accessible for everyone. So finding the best specific one for you is the best thing you can do. Otherwise, you will have a hard time.

There are several ways of making gold in World of Warcraft. Sadly, many players do not know more than the general practices, such as completing quests and exploring the game while killing mobs. All these methods can do is give you the hopes of making some extra gold daily.

Don't get us wrong, while traditional methods are a great way to make gold; they will not help you earn much of it, or at least not indefinately. Therefore, you must get out of the conventional path and find new methods for WoW Dragonflight gold farming. Well, unless you have extra cash, then you can easily buy WoW gold and spare even more time.

When we talk about the best way to farm gold in WoW, we ought to point out that many players' biggest mistake is they do not challenge themselves and are often afraid to try something new. They think if they keep following the standard methods, they will acquire tons of gold sooner or later, but it does not work like that in WoW.

The amount of gold you can earn daily is not enough, as the daily quests, the main story and side quests, and even the mob farming around them will not give you enough cash. You will not have enough to spend on items and do not even consider saving; therefore, it is time to change if you are currently trying hard like that!

In this guide, you will learn plenty of methods that can outshine many World of Warcraft gold farming guides and will help you get more gold than you have ever thought of making. But, of course, making plenty of gold requires dedication and hard work, so ensure you are prepared.


Everyone playing the game has at least visited the Auction House once. It is where you can get the items you need, like materials you can not gather or a piece of gear you are missing. It is the favorite place of newbies and veterans where coin rules supreme.

That by itself makes the Auction House an excellent opportunity to earn coins. If we have to talk about the fastest way to make gold in WoW, this is definitely one of them! Unfortunately, many players do not realize the potential of this gold mine.

If done correctly, you can quickly become rich by utilizing it; however, there is also a slight risk of losing gold - just like the stock market.

Let's introduce you to the process:

  1. First, open the Auction House; many items are listed at different prices. That is what other players offer; as you can guess, they buy and sell various items.
  2. You will even notice that each is listed at different prices. For instance, one seller might sell a herb for ten gold, while another might sell the same for 15 gold.
  3. Your primary strategy in the Auction House is to buy low and sell high. That means you have to notice when the prices are low and purchase and then sell when they go high. The best example is potions. Usually, their prices go up right before raid days

Make sure that you do your research about products. Once you have found multiple, remember to buy them at a low price and sell them later at a higher price. Some of the most demanded items include:

  • Ore;
  • Enchanting materials;
  • Potions and Flasks;
  • Food and other consumables;
  • Leatherworking and Blacksmithing enchants;
  • Crafted gear.

Of course, if you can produce all these valuables, your profit will be significantly higher than if you simply buy and sell other players’ products. So, Professions are the key to stable income in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. We highly recommend you invest your time in leveling up gathering professions:

  • Skinning;
  • Herbalism;
  • Mining.

The resources you can collect with these professions will always be in demand from other players. See more about gathering and crafting Professions later in this article.

However, if you want to craft products and gear, making a considerable amount of gold via Auction House, your best choice would be Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Enchanting, or Inscription. Why, you wonder?

Simply because these professions’ products are in constant demand, which cannot be said about crafted gear which is created by Blacksmiths, Tailors, and Leatherworkers. However, during the initial rush of the expansion launch, you can get a ton of gold selling pre-raid gear. Of course, further into the expansion, when you level up your Professions skill and stats, your products as a gear crafter will be of higher demand, but this will take a lot of time and effort.

It is also important to recall that you cannot go far if you try to be greedy. First, you must ensure the items are not listed for an unaffordable price. Then, after carefully studying the market, you need to set a fair price for your product that will give you a good profit, but will still make players buy them!

If that sounds hard and painful to deal with, you can just buy Wow Classic gold. However, that is the lazy way. You would prefer to experience it all before reaching that option for the best experience!


Now that you have learned how the Auction House can help you become rich, it is time to move on to the next most common option. Hunting mobs is a pretender for the best way to make gold WoW strategy ever (aside for Professions, of course). This one will not ask you to become the Wolf of the Wall Street. Instead, you will need to hunt down mobs that drop valuable loot.

Now it is time for an option perfect for those who love to brawl around in the game world. You do not need to research the Auction House, craft anything, or gather materials. All you need is to go to a good farming spot, hunt the mobs there, and earn the coin from them!


Whether you are a new or old player, it does not matter. You already know farming is one of the best ways to farm gold in Dragonflight, so it is important to know the best gold farm spots in WoW! These farming spots are gold mines, home to several rare items worth many coins.

If you do not know how to farm gold in WoW, do not worry, it is not difficult. All you must do is visit the best gold farming areas in World of Warcraft and hunt down different mobs that drop valuable resources like elemental resources and enchanting reagents. Double it with any gathering profession (about which we will talk later in the article) and you will significantly increase the effectiveness of your gold farming.

So without any further due, let's look at the most sought after resources that you can simply loot from defeated enemies without any Profession skills needed:

The exact farming spots are still a mystery to be uncovered, because the situation in Dragonflight-beta is changing daily as developers are busy balancing things. So, as not to deceive you, we kindly ask you to come here a bit closer to the release, when we can provide you with more or less solid information.


What differs WoW Dragonflight from the other expansions that this game has experienced over the years is the huge rework of the Professions system. There are A LOT of changes, so many that no WoW fan would expect anything like that to actually be true.

Considering the sheer amount of information that is needed to be said about this new Professions system, we kindly ask you to wait for our Dragonflight Professions Guide; where we will fully explain how the new system works and how to get the most out of it. In this guide only the most important changes and tips will be shared.


While crafting is something that not every player can be competitive in, gathering provides everyone an excellent opportunity to establish an efficient WoW gold farming routine in Dragonflight. All you must do is invest some of your time and the results will be seen in no time.

Raw resources scattered across the gameworld will always be in demand, making it a lucrative business. So, if you have already picked a Profession you like and are ready to dive into the exciting farming routine throughout the Dragon Isles, the following information will be helpful.

The traditional flying system will not be present in Dragon Isles and will only have Dragon Riding instead, meaning you will have to constantly monitor your momentum to access distant and hard-to-reach places. So, quickly raising your Dragon Riding skill will be essential for effective farming in the Dragon Isles (more so, considering this skill is account-wide, so you need to only level it up once for all your characters).

Do not hesitate to utilize the Bronze Timelock ability in case your flight goes bad. This skill allows you to quickly teleport back to a previously placed time-portal, which will be quite useful if you are stuck in an inconvenient position.

Consider getting the Dragonrider's Cultivation ability, which will increase your Vigor recharge rate for 10% for 10 seconds after gathering ore or herbs.

Another important thing is that the resources you can gather in the Dragon Isles can be of different quality. And the higher the resource quality is, the better the crafted items items can be. All gathering Professions have a specialization allowing you to refine your resources to increase their quality.

Sometimes, also, you will find an elemental resource deposit with a guaranteed drop of some elemental resource. Professions specializations can also increase the amount of the elemental resources looted from them.

Remember that leveling up a Profession’s specialization will take a lot of time, so you should choose wisely if you want your gold farming in Dragonflight to be of any degree of efficiency.

Gathering Stats

These are a new addition to the World of Warcraft resource gathering system. The three stats that increases your effectiveness in Herbalism, Skinning, or Mining are:

  • Finesse - Give you a chance to collect extra resources and also very slightly increase gathering speed;
  • Deftness - Simply increases your gathering speed. Much more noticeable than Finesse;
  • Perception - Give you a higher chance to loot additional rare materials while gathering.

These stats can be increased by special professions equipment and your profession’s specialization.


Unlike WoW Shadowlands and all previous World of Warcraft Expansions, all herbs in the Dragon Isles can be found in any corner of the new continent, appearing in certain environments instead of growing only in one location.

There are only four herbs in Dragon Isles:

Hochenblume - The most common herb in the Dragon Isles, which can be found in almost any terrain.

Saxifrage- This is a sturdy plant, which likes to grow in mountains and cliffs, but can also be found in open plains and rarely amidst volcanic terrain.

Bubble Poppy - This plant likes damp places like caves, river banks, or lakes.

Writhebark- You can find this plant anywhere close to trees and foliage.

Herbalism Specializations

Regarding Herbalism specializations, you can choose between:

Specialization Description
Bountiful Harvests
This specialization allows you to refine some herbs to others and, most importantly, increase the amount of resources gathered from each herb. It also increases the chance to receive rare resources from gathering. This specialization can be useful if you want to focus on a certain herb if you feel like there is a higher demand for it on the market.
This specialization allows you to skin plant life across the Dragon Isles and plant seeds to grow your own herbs. Unfortunately, there is not enough information about the effectiveness of this specialization for now, but we will update this part later.
Mastering the Elements
If you choose this spec, aside from overall skill bonus, you can specialize on certain elemental materials, depending on what you or the market needs.

We can safely say all of these specializations can be a good source of income, so the choice mostly depends on your own personal prefere.


There is only two ores in World of Warcraft Dragonflight:

  • Serevite Ore- The most common ore in the Dragon Isles. Usually Terivite ore deposits can be found in mountain regions and near the flowing water.
  • Draconium Ore- A much less common ore which is found in hard-to-reach places like high cliffs or mountains.

Note that after mining any ore deposit you will receive a buff, which will give you one Rousing Blood for claying an enemy player. Also, during your journey across the Dragon Isles, you will find 8 types of ore deposits with different amounts of ore that can be looted from them.

Mining Specializations

As with other Professions there are three Mining specializations:

Mining Process
Quite simply, this specialization increases your gathering stats.
As with Herbalism’s Bountiful Harvests spec, Metallurgy allows you to refine your ore to increase its quality, and gather more Draconium Ore.
Mastering the Elements
Again, much like with Herbalism, this spec allows you to specialize on a certain elemental resource.


Skinning is as simple as it sounds: you kill beast-like enemies and then skin them for loot. There are many types of leather, hides, and scales you can gather across the Dragon Isles, the full list of which will be present here when there will be more information available.

Skinning Specializations

With this Professions things get a little more interesting than with the other Professions:

Quite simply, this spec allows you to gather more resources from skinning and to refine hide or scales to increase their quality.
First off, this specialization immediately provides you with a useful buff, which will increase your damage against beasts and dragonkin in the Dragoon Isles, But only outdoors, so you will not abuse this mechanic in raids or dungeons. Aside from this, this spec can increase the amount of morsels, meat, or special materials you loot while skinning beast-like enemies.
Bait Crafter
This specialization will teach you to craft special baits to lure rare beasts that will drop much more valuable resources from Skinning. All baits has a long shared cooldown, but the rare resources you can farm with this spec should be worth it.


Crafting is an essential part of World of Warcraft gameplay and the most efficient way of raw gold farm in Dragonflight.

Since there are specializations and stats for every Profession as well as the recipes quality, crafting also became much more variative and profitable, but also much more complicated. In short, the actual skill rating of your Profession now plays a way more important role, meaning that the quality of the gear, glyphs, or enchants you produce will depend directly on your skill rating and crafting stats.

There are three Quality Tiers for items like enhants, gems, glyphs and so on, and if we are speaking about weapons and armor, there also will be Tier 4 and Tier 5.

To increase your skill rating and crafting stats, you can use both Profession gear (a crafting tool and two Profession accessories) and specializations, which are, of course, different for each Profession.

Crafting Stats

There are four crafting stats that will help you in your crafting:

This stat is more or less similar to Critical Strike. It increases your chance to be “inspired” and craft an item with bonus Skill. This can make your humble Tier 1 Devotion of Haste enchant into a much more valuable Tier 2 version in a blink of an eye, which is extremely helpful when your Profession Skill is not that high.
This stat increases your chance to carry out your crafting with less resources spent. It can save you a ton of gold on ingredients and significantly increase your income in the long run.
Crafting Speed
No mysteries here, this stat simply allows you to craft faster. It can be useful if, for example, you are an Alchemist and want to craft a couple of hundreds of Potions.
This stat increases your chance to craft an additional item. It works only with recipes that can create more than one item. Sometimes it can be your best shot: almost all Alchemy recipes can use this stat.

As you see, the stat-priority will change significantly between different Professions and specializations, so, again, choose wisely, otherwise your gold farming in WoW Dragonflight will be inefficient.


This is, perhaps the most game changing addition to the Professions system. As the name implies, recrafting allows you to re-craft the piece of gear you make to increase its quality, item level, add new attributes and so on. This basically means you can fully gear up your character without ever stepping into any raid or dungeon, let alone the amount of gold you can make with it. We will see how this will work after the Dragonflight release, but for now this all seems like a completely different game.


That marks the end of our guide. Assume you have read everything about the best World of Warcraft gold farming methods. Of course, we will update this guide as new information will become available, so keep an eye on this page to be the first to know how to make gold in Dragonflight efficiently.

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