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Buy WoW character level boost. Get fast leveling, farming and other power leveling services


The hero promotion in World of Warcraft includes numerous useful character boosting services provided by BuyBoost company today. We are ready to offer our customers many effective cheap WoW character boost options, including increasing their power, popularity and gold reserves, finding valuable items and quests, learning to jump, switching to a new race and mastering previously unfamiliar specializations.

World of Warcraft gives its gamers a lot of unforgettable impressions. Our company employs experienced and knowledgeable boosters who will offer you the best methods of boosting reputation and other important indicators in the game, making the passage of WoW raids interesting and as easy as possible. 

The main advantage of BuyBoost services is that they significantly improve gameplay. The player gets a chance not to waste energy in vain, because his hero can now easily and quickly overcome the most significant obstacles. Take advantage of powerful and effective boosting of your character in World of Warcraft to fully enjoy the game, while receiving solid bonuses! 


There are many reasons why WoW raiders want to boost their characters' power and status. In most cases, players simply don't have enough time. After all, not every student can afford to play more than 4 hours a day, not to mention those who have a full-time job. But gamers who don't pay enough attention to the game face the loss of abilities and rating of their character. In addition, they quickly lose a skill. That's why buying a promotion is the only way out for many WoW fans.

Our boosters are the most advanced members of PvP and PvE, so it's not hard for them to help ordinary players to boost their character. This way, our company allows the client who buy WoW character boost to save his own time while getting all the benefits he could have just by playing WoW for many hours a day. Our fast and inexpensive promotion:

  • puts you on the same level as PvP and PvE masters;
  • gives access to several classes without the need to advance to level 70;
  • increases the rating and gives the hero a significant gameplay advantage;
  • allows you to use the most advanced weapons and ammunition;
  • lets you take exciting flights without major loss of time;
  • allows you to accumulate FoS;
  • makes the game easy and enjoyable for the gamer, regardless of his skills and experience;
  • prepares the hero for future raids.

Thanks to our proven character transfer method, more and more gamers can successfully play without having to take a break from their daily routine. Any World of Warcraft fan who contacts us has a chance to take advantage of everything the game has to offer. All you need to do is log in with your nickname and start an exciting battle with the best equipment and advanced features.

The gamer can take advantage of several main boosts. Their usefulness to him will depend on the character's game goal, how he achieves it, and the nature of the content. Our customers can benefit from such services: 

  1. Growth of the hero's status by easy transfer of the main class or by increasing the rating of another available character.
  2. Reputation enhancement, which applies to allied races as well.
  3. Ability to fly in Dragonflight with significant positive status changes.
  4. Attractive quests that include boosting, which will save you time.
  5. Improving the equipment of the game's protagonist in any type of game. Purchasing useful Dragonflight accessories and valuable items for them.  Improving the hero's skills, usually requiring a lot of time and gold coins from the player.

The listed types of promotion can be useful at any stage of the World of Warcraft game. If a player needs more than just BuyBoost boosters, which offer their services on the company's website, he can contact our technical service. Managers will help such a gamer to make a personalized request, and professional players will be happy to make his intentions come true.

Customer expectations are the main guide in our work, so the boosting of new features is carried out with the obligatory consideration of their wishes. We are ready to provide improvement of current indicators influencing the game to everyone who made a choice in favor of WoW buy character boost. Such an approach results in many grateful feedbacks that we receive for the implementation of projects.


BuyBoost's terms of service are quite simple. The player wishing to cooperate with us must:

  • indicate a game he is no longer interested in or has no time to play;
  • choose the resources or properties that he wants to strengthen his character, talking about them in detail to the manager;
  • get acquainted with our profitable and affordable prices for promotion services and choose the most suitable of them;
  • buy the boost and wait for the result;
  • the hero will be fully boosted the next time the player visits WoW.

Once all of the client's conditions have been met, the project is considered closed and the client can place a new order if desired.

If you decide to work with BuyBoost boosters, you probably will not be surprised by the high popularity of the services. Thanks to their work, the player has more free time, which he spends not on routine, but on current affairs and a more pleasant, productive game. As a result, this approach saves keen gamers not only time, but also money. They achieve high results without significant investments of capital.

Recently, the main problem for thousands of World of Warcraft players has become the need for a long game to reach the cherished finale. Therefore, Dragonflight's hero boosts have quickly become in demand among the gamers who turn to us. Today, they can realize their aspirations without long hours and often unsuccessful attempts. When you buy lvl boost WoW from us, you certainly know what you need and what you would like to get away from. Tell us about your desires to get a reliable and effective service. The great results you receive when boosting your WoW character will pay off its price quite well.


Characters newly gained new abilities do not get them right away. They start with basic powers and spells, other values become available to them after the gained experience. 

After the release of version 6.0.2, but when there was no Warlords of Draenor yet, it was mandatory for the boosted characters to activate their talents in Blasted Lands Iron Horde Incursion. But with the advent of Warlords, they now have the long-awaited opportunity to use the Warlords of Draenor introductory part to do so.

Experienced gamers who want to avoid these stages can either swap professions or use the Instance queue. Then they will quickly get the remaining talents.


The WoW Dragonflight booster we offer is a great solution to the hassle a player has every time a new version of World of Warcraft is released. Experienced boosters will help you avoid the long, tedious wait for new treasures. With them, your promotion will be as fast as possible, as the most efficient and profitable solutions will be applied to it. By ordering this service from BuyBoost, players will be able to focus their attention on the most interesting moments of the game, getting rid of the annoying routine.

Boosters will have no trouble promoting you to the highest level. Boosting includes all the quests required to complete WoW Dragonflight, as well as passing through dungeons and farming to get the necessary game status. Buy WoW power leveling means:

  • promotion to a higher level by the efforts of experienced boosters;
  • all rewards received during level completion, which include rankings, ammunition, gold, crafting items, quest achievements, and other in-game valuables;
  • increasing the number of rewards in the Loremaster of the Dragon Isles and Dragon Isles Explorer;
  • unlocking Dragon Riding, for which boosters will make their own quests in Waking Shores; gaining rewards for your WoW profile that provide rapid progress;
  • the ability to watch the game in real time; booster reports on the daily progress of your character's progress.

Separately, you can purchase access to local game challenges. With our help, any player has a chance to get important privileges on the Dragon Islands, using the functionality provided by us in addition to the basic features. With them, your game will be filled with pleasant surprises rather than a boring, monotonous routine.

We use an open promotion method on the terms of corporate profile use. Boosters will do all the necessary operations for you, and you can watch them play in live mode.


We are aware of users' complaints about server overloads and reports that the operation may take several minutes. This situation was especially common after the first activation of the privileges they received. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply the boosts immediately after receiving them. You can hold them for as long as you like until you are ready to use them.

It is very important that the ammunition offered to a character is related to his occupation. Armor for other professions will be unavailable, so you will need to choose the appropriate specialty first. You can get accessories for any profession only on the Timeless Isle.

After WoW charakter boost, the heroes receive the ammunition immediately, and their previous accessories are sent by mail. At the same time, the parcel will be available for quite a long time.

Carefully examine the terms of Master flying - the fastest flight. Players can buy this right from riding tutors for 5,000, and this amount includes all fractional bonuses.

Improved WoW characters can dispose of mail corresponding to their game status:

  • A Well-Deserved Accomplishment – for those who are at level 90;
  • Magically Wrapped Gift – for characters who have passed level 80.

Instead of the "What's New" option, the game features Hero Enhancement until he activates Garrison himself. Those who have been boosted will have to wait a short time to gain access to the dungeons and raids from past releases. When the gamer reaches level 100, he will have the opportunity to play The Battle for Broken Shore. But those who have already been to Legion may not enter it again. You will get a chance not to pass this quest and to go straight to the meeting with Recruiter Lee/Holgar Stormaxe, who will offer you In the Blink of an Eye. Even gamers who prefer Class Trial will have this chance.

All WoW char boosts unspent at level ninetieth automatically go to level one hundredth heroes' boosts, with access to 110 level upgrades.

All WoW char boost unspent at level ninetieth automatically go to level one hundredth heroes' boosts, with access to 110 level upgrades.

The list of available gear includes:

  • Mage Mountainsage;
  • Monk Mistdancer;
  • Druid Springrain;
  • Shaman Streamtalker;
  • Warlock Felsoul;
  • Warrior Oathsworn;
  • Hunter Trailseeker;
  • Priest Communal;
  • Rogue Lightdrinker;
  • Demon Hunter Illidari;
  • Paladin Sunsoul;
  • DeathKnight; 
  • Heart-Lesion.

These accessories are not much different from the ammunition available to heroes of a certain race and class in Warlords of Draenor. But they will have only the original ammunition in the customization phase. All of these items will also be available to players in the Garrison Salvage Yard.


When improving WoW level service positions, the usual ammunition of the hero is replaced with unusual, very useful items that correspond to the specialty ilevel. Past armors are returned to him by mail. These may include items that were mailed to this character from other participants in the same profile. The strengthened player can quickly turn them into better quality armor, which will make his reputation even higher. 

Versions 6.2.2 and above have similar ammunition sets for level 90 and 100 reinforcements, but some may have different properties.


You should decide on the desired result before agreeing to enhance your hero. The presence of WoW tokens in the gamer's wallet or mail can be a barrier to further enhancement.

Be careful, as during boosting, the quest log is permanently deleted, which means that any quest results you have achieved will no longer be valid. Some services will not be available to your character for 72 hours after boosting. During this time, you cannot change fractions, make a character transfer, or acquire a new race, appearance, or game nickname.   

The regular game will require unlocking Warlords of Draenor Garrisons. Heroes who have passed the enhancement will not be able to enter raids and dungeons from past additions for 24 hours. The Allied Race upgrade will not give such characters the right to Heritage Armor.   The cost of BuyBoost services depends on the client's wishes and our ability to implement them. You can always ask for advice from the company's specialists, who will answer any question and offer the most favorable option in your case.

So that boosters can raise the rating and increase the capabilities of the WoW character, it takes very little from the player. Some of the main requirements include:

  • subscription;
  • access to the game profile.

You can always get more information from our technical support specialists. You will definitely be guaranteed the security of your account and other personal data.

Professional BuyBoost boosters do not use any software and perform cheap WoW character boost only manually. To increase the safety of the game resource users, we always use VPN. Our staff always reserves the right for the player to dispose of his profile.

Many gamers are wondering if it is possible to get their character boosted right away if they make a pre-application for the regular services? Players who made a standard application or collection will become the owners of a boosted character at the moment they receive copies at the start of the expansion.

You can find a detailed description of the character boosting conditions on our website. However, every gamer can express his wishes about this service. The client can see the result of our work by watching real-time video of the booster game if he wishes. We provide a wide range of popular payment methods with minimal commissions.


Our company constantly improves its work. The main goal of BuyBoost is to leave only pleasant and unforgettable impressions for the users of gaming services. The reasons to buy WoW character boost from us include:

  1. Our specialists are in touch with their customers around the clock and seven days a week. We accept orders and fulfill them as quickly as possible.
  2. BuyBoost company consists only of experienced professionals. All of our boosters have successfully completed several hundred projects on their account.
  3. We use the safest and most reliable ways of boosting.

We guarantee to all our customers the complete security of their personal game profiles, as well as a lot of pleasure from the fast and easy completion of the most difficult and tedious stages of World of Warcraft.

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