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WoW Dragonflight buff adds huge quality-of-life update to mining profession

WoW Dragonflight is delivering a big update to the mining profession which will save players tons of time while farming resources.

Dragonflight is set to revamp World of Warcraft in a major way, delivering a UI overhaul, a brand new zone, along with a new race & class.

On top of all of the major changes to the popular MMO also are smaller alterations to make the game easier to play and more rewarding for hardcore players.

One of those new quality-of-life changes has been discovered by players in the expansion’s beta, and it’s a major improvement to the mining profession.


Reddit user a1kron posted to the game’s subreddit a discovery they made in Dragonflight’s beta.

They found that since they had such a high proficiency in mining, they were able to actually mine pieces of ore while staying on their mount.

The new buff reads, “Having mastered the processes of mining, you are now able to gather ore while mounted on the Dragon Isles. A master of mining processes, you also gain +50 Deftness while mining deposits.

WoW players in the comment section celebrated the changes. One player said, “That’s awesome, I just logged into beta and can confirm herbalism also has this option in their gathering tree.”

So, not only is mining getting this well-needed gameplay update, but herbalism is also. Typically, players would have to be continually mounting and dismounting in search of ore deposits to mine. Now, that’ll be a thing of the past.

This news is huge for players who enjoy grinding professions for resources early in WoW expansions when the demand is super high, leading to massive profits.

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