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Buy WoW Professions Boost to get level and craft utility items, pieces of gear, consumables, toys.


Buy WoW Professions Boost - get level and craft utility items, pieces of gear, consumables, toys with our PRO team.

Learning professions means to living peacefully in WoW. The player can freely live, do what he loves, sell the created or collected material to other players, and only sometimes fight out of necessity. But even if you came to WoW for the war (after all, the name of the game testifies to this), then knowledge of crafts will never be superfluous. In addition, in the Classic version of the game, they will be especially important, and it will be much more difficult to develop them.

There are nine main professions in WoW, and only two can be studied. They are as follows: Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Engineering, Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Tailoring, and Leatherworking. In addition, there are several minor crafts that players can learn at the same time as the ones mentioned above: Cooking, Fishing, and First Aid. Most of the WoW professions also have corresponding support professions.


In order to level them up, you need to complete the actions that use them. For example, if you have Mining, you need to go and mine a certain amount of ore scattered throughout Azeroth. If you have Blacksmithing, you must craft armor using this profession. You learn your craft by visiting an appropriate trainer in the main city. He will also guide you through the next stages of initiation. In the beginning, you are an apprentice in your field. From level 75, you will already be an apprentice. At level 150, you will become an expert, and at level 225, you will become an artisan. In addition, you need to fulfill certain level requirements in order to proceed to the next stages. These level breaks are at levels 5, 10, 25, and 35.


As you understand, the profession is not the easiest activity in the game, but mastering it can bring many advantages to the player. Sometimes you don’t have time to level it by yourself, but these services are often very handy. We can solve this problem by pumping the desired craft for you. Buyboost is a platform that provides services for pumping your characters. We will be able to fulfill your order with professionalism and all security measures. In addition, we will make your purchase as profitable and affordable as possible. Value for money has always been the main advantage of our service. Try it and see our benefits.


You can order the leveling of the main WoW crafts in our store at low prices. Please note that some of them can be learned in conjunction with others, which will make them more useful. For example, it is better to order WoW lvl boost professions like alchemy with herbalism, it is better to pump jewelry with mining, and leatherworking with skinning. These bundles will allow you to get ingredients for the manufacturing profession and you will not have to spend money on crafting by buying goods from the auction.


In addition to the main ones, you can pay for the WoW character boost of minor professions. These types are probably not as useful as the main ones, but in our opinion, they are no less important.

Cooking will allow you to prepare a variety of dishes to enhance your character. Making them yourself is much cheaper than buying them at the in-game auction.

Archeology will allow you to get unique WoW mounts, pets, and equipment for pumping twinks. Let's not forget the sheer number of achievements that are being accomplished through WoW archeology.

First aid can often be indispensable in PVP battles and not only, you can independently make bandages from a variety of fabrics that will allow you to restore health.

The presence of fishing will make it possible to while away the waiting time for fishing raids and get a huge number of achievements. The caught fish always sells well at the auction.

We offer you to buy WoW crafts leveling - the lowest prices, absolutely reliable and safe services, complete confidentiality when order is waiting for you. We guarantee a good work result, safety, and security of your game property on the character. Buying World of Warcraft professions boost is one of the most popular services for our customers. You will definitely be satisfied with the result.

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