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A strategy like World of Warcraft attracts with an extensive amount of character customization. All adventures start with picking up a race. However, the process itself to unblock all allied races in the Dragonflight addition seems complicated. Players will have to repeatedly refer to older versions of the game for which they may have a vague idea. You can turn to us for this purpose and get the ability to improve your character to a high level and unlocking allied races.

Allied races are added to the extra edition of Battle for Azeroth game, but not all are available to players when they log in to their account. Therefore, before you create characters, you must allied races unlock. To do this, the player must complete several quests, gaining respective achievements. In addition, you must level up your character to 40-45 level to access the corresponding chains of questes.


There are two opposing factions in WoW - Alliance and Horde. Each such faction has its own allied races in a total of five pieces. Most of these races are located on the Broken Isles, an area known to players from previous addons. But there may be exceptions, including the mag'har orc from Outland.

After unlock allied race, the player will receive certain privileges, including access to traditional equipment sets and mounts. You can get more information about allied races at the embassy at the pond of Olivia in Stormgrad or in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.

So, the faction Horde includes the following races:

  1. Highmountain tauren, located on the Highmountain and the Broken Isles. You can find a set of traditional armor for these characters in the High Mountain.
  2. Mag'har orc. This race is located on Duromtar and Kalimdor. They wear the armor of the Song of War Clan.
  3. Nightborne. Usually found on the Broken Isles and Suramar, and wear traditional Shal'dorei armor.
  4. Zandalari trolls. Their location is Zuldazar and Zandalar, and their armor is Zandalari.
  5. Vulpera. Such race is located in game locations Vol'dun and Zandalar and equipped with Vulpera armor.

Allied races Allince are:

  1. Dark Iron Dwar live in the depths of the Black Mountain and the Smoldering Gorge, usually clad in Dark Iron.
  2. Kul tiran human live on the Kul-Tiras Islands and usually have a set of traditional Kul-Tiras armor.
  3. Lightforged draenei are positioned on Vindikar, the armor of the Illuminated fit to them.
  4. Mechagnomes. The place of their residence is the island of Mechagon, and the armor is Mechagon.
  5. Void elf. The Phantom Lands and the Telogus Breach are the habitat of this race.

As you can see, each allied race has its own characteristics and specific requirements for powerleveling armor for characters. It turns out that the ability to dress up the character of a particular race depends on the player's rating. Purchase heritage armor is possible only after the player could boosting his character from level 10 to 50.

But there are several items that can prevent the player from getting the necessary equipment:

  • character enhancement tokens;
  • a faction or race that modifies an allied character;
  • raising the level by inviting a friend.

These sets are cosmetic, they can be transformed into any allied race character equipment. But other races do not have the option to use such an armor set.


All allied races require you to complete several questes following the storyline. It is also part of that same achievement on the "Feats of Strength" tab. Also, the World Warcraft has minimum level requirements that a character must meet to continue playing the game. Any mission can also be completed for the opposite faction, but you need to reach the 50th level of a certain unit to complete the chain of quests required for Wow unlocking allied races:

  1. Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei have the same requirements. To unlock allied races, you must reach the 45th level to starts the quest chain.
  2. Kul-tirasts. You can unlock people of this race if you complete all quests in their area. It is worth passing the stages "Tides of Vengeance ", "One Nation" and "Readiness for War" for Wow allied races unlock.
  3. Dark Iron dwarves are usually unblocking, like the encouragement of Kul-tirasts people. You only need to go through the "Ready for War" storyline with this race.
  4. Mechanognomes. Before this, the player must unlocked Mehanogon, but first, he needs to reach the 50th level by starting a chain of quests in the Boralus port under the name "Wolf Offensive". After that, you must complete another chain of quests up to "The Legend of Mechagon".
  5. Highmountain taurens. The characters of this race are easily unlocked. You only need to complete the mission "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". It takes about an hour.
  6. Nightborn Elves. Their unblocking happens after the end of the story in the Suamar mission.

Playing for zandalari trolls, you can fulfill the requirements for boosting the characters for the Vulper and mag'har orcs. You only need to complete the "Tides of Vengeance", "Zandalar Forever" and "Ready for War" missions.


WoW unlock allied races will take a long time and will have a negative effect on the player's nervous system.  There is an offer on our site to purchase WoW allied races boost. Players will receive a certain amount of unblocking allied races. In addition, boosting will take some time depending on the selected friendly race.

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