Torghast, Tower of the Damned Boost

Buy WoW Torghast Tower of the Damned Boost from our PRO team and get your Soul Ash cap for legendary armor sets.


Buy WoW Torghast Tower of the Damned Boost from our PRO team and get your Soul Ash cap for legendary armor sets. World of Warcraft Torghast Tower Carry Services at cheap price! ✓ Safe payment system! ✓ Only hand work! ✓ 4.9/5 truted seller! ✓ Over 2000 reviews! ✓ Fast start!

Torghast is a new dungeon with a system similar to a roguelike game. This dungeon is available for a group of 1 to 5 players. Torghast must be completed weekly to obtain Ashes of Souls, a new currency required to craft Legendary items. There are 2 different Torghast wings available every week, each with 8 floors. The maximum reward is given for completing the 8th floor, while the rest are not needed.

Why order WoW Torghast Tower boost?

What will be obtained when performing the service: Both wings of Torghast will be completed within a week. After killing the last boss, we will pick up loot from it in each wing. We guarantee the security of your account, complete anonymity, and the reliability of the ordered service. The completion time is 1-2 hours after the start.

Requirements for the WoW Torghast boosting:

  • Character level 60
  • Access to the 8th floor of Torghast
  • Account transfer is not required!

How to quickly execute the TT expansion?

You can buy Soul ash in Torghast boost or order its farm in our store at affordable prices and with a full guarantee - we have been working on the online services market with great success.

Soul Ash from Torgast's Tower is a specific energy that can be used in a Rune Carver room to enhance your Legendary items. The more tower levels you pass, the more ash you will receive upon completion of the passage.

Please note that by completing a level, you will automatically receive a reward for the previous levels. But, to order the 3rd level, you must have passed the 1st and 2nd levels at least 1 time.

Requirements for the customer: at least level 60 character, the Maw and Torghast must be opened. The passage is possible with or without transmission. Service performance term is contractual, as a rule, completion is on the day of payment.

Why your character needs a Torghast Tower of the Damned boost?

Climbing the floors of the tower, with some degree of probability, we will find you the legendary chest. The chest contains materials for crafting legendary armor, weapons, and accessories.

We will take these materials to a certain connoisseur of runes, he will help in the creation of these most legendary items of equipment. It is also worth considering that the entire manufacturing process will be controlled by the character, and he will decide what type of item needs to be created, and what properties it will be endowed with. Thus, the equipment is personalized for a specific character.

After successfully passing Torghast, your character will be able to use the rune forge inside the tower itself. Enhancing items forged by a blacksmith with rune magic can subsequently turn them into legendary ones. So, you definitely need to pass this quest, and if you can’t do this by yourself, contact us, order Torghast Tower boost services, and we will gladly help you.

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